My Perfect Gemini

​I dream of you again.

You were perfect.

Like it was before…

In the library.

We went through books together.

Five books of Beowulf…

Imagine that, it had to have Five parts.

A complete set.

Made us so happy.

Many other books I read in there.

You were right there.

Just packing it all away.

Everything you wanted.

So precious. 

All the books you wanted.

Silently you packed away.

Then took the cover off one book.

The first book and you smiled like it was ok.

You took the book and without a word left.

Just as you left waking life.

You took the cover off my heart and a vital part of it…

Now I am incomplete just as the book of five.

So sweet yet so cruel.

My perfect gemini…

My last experience looking at books with you was in a dream.

Then we danced.

You had your own song.

Mother asked what got into the music composer…

Such wreckless pssion.

You danced to your own song.

Your family danced with you.

We were happy.

It was settled. They were finally appeased.

We had paid them. So you danced.

Then you came back and avenged your death.

Just like I prayed you would for months…

In two groups of four…. Over ten years….

You came back…

I dreamed you came back….

It scared me but its what I wanted.

I dream of you again.

When I missed you so much.

You came to give me peace.

We read, we danced, you got justice.

And I dream of you again…


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