​A poem by Torez

That heavenly scent…

The burning incense still young in my nostrils. 

Ghosting through the inner tunnels to my chest.

Feeding my lungs the breath of a god.

Perfection at it’s finest…

And with little time to recover before the next beautiful assault… 

‘Yes…more’  I thought. 

Gently rubbing my chest as if to please the scent just as it did me…

I was laying on my back in the comfort of my bed… 

The source..? The treasure that blinded my breath.

Tiny stone burning blue on a queen silver plate,

It’s mist commanding the entirety of the room,

Made ever so nonchalant by the dozen dim candles that steadily burned on the floor around the bed… 


And there she was, Marilyn… 

Her dark silky hair falling on her side,

Brushing her right shoulder as she slithered through the doorway toward me. 

She possessed the kind of curves you’ll only ever find carved by a river…

Lightly exposing her swaying hips as she slowly approached. 

Her lips blood red.

Matching the dot that lay between her hazel eyes.

She wore the face of a goddess. 

The scarf that ran around her neck dropping on either side of her breasts was rainbow bright and soft on the eye.

Length touching the tips of her bare belly,

Top half nude covered only in a strip of red cloth around her chest…

From her waist down full length was a fine red skirt,

Sliced on both sides to her hips,

Tailored inch perfectly to fit her walk. 

On my back still I gazed out the corner of my eye through the dim and mist at the angel in red that walked my way.

My sight ached as I marvelled,

My hand still rubbing my chest albeit without my mind’s awareness…

Still standing but with her right knee placed on the side of the bed exposing her coffee shiny thigh she looked down at me…

Her lips anywhere between a seductive smile and a smirk. 

My heart raced a marathon like a hundred meter turf,

Pounding wildly as if begging to have a glimpse of what my eyes saw,

My hand resigned from my chest and trembled toward her thigh,

But stopped short of a touch as the angel in red continued to move.

‘There is no time to waste’ her eyes told me,as she climbed onto the bed and sat on my chest. 

She placed a finger on my lips as if to silence me,

And i knew it was real.

She brought her lips to my ear and whispered the sort of words that no man should hear,

But i did…

And i loved it.

 ‘Make it quick…’ I said ‘My father will be home soon… 

And with this she placed her hands on the strapping of her skirt and loosened it,

My heart beat even faster as she slowly reached…

I had waited for that moment for years,

Prepared day and night,

Rehearsed, imagined and perfected…

And here it was,

Her beauty weakened me, 

My trembling hand stopped,

I swallowed and held my breath…

The strapping on her red skirt was off,

She drew one end of the cloth aside, and there it was…

I saw it..

The moment of truth,

The blade with which she would take my life…

She pulled it out and held it high with both her hands,

And with a loud shriek she brought it down on my chest

The ritual was complete.

I was liberated,

And with the last ounce of blood leaving my heart I fled into the spirit world.


6 thoughts on “Marilyn 

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  1. Just visited your blog, Chechiwa.
    Amazing work you putting together here on this platform- Your thought process is canning, An exploration of a soul and it’s voyage breath taking.

    Great work.

    Liked by 1 person

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