Friday nights always reign supreme

If ever a small thing as being drunk out of your mind and being high on space cakes posed a threat to a night so promising such as this, not to mention your reputation; when your very focused, grown up and financially stable boyfriend is coming over and you would never in a million years let him see you this way. You had to take the right steps to prevent that from happening; Gosh what would he think of her if he knew?

Clogging up the bathroom sink with vomit?

Misplacing her key?

Barely being able to walk?

All before 19:00 hrs. No that is not the classy, put together, marriage material lady Stacey was working so hard at showing to Eugene.

Her room, normally messy with dirty dishes and clothes spewn everywhere would be urgently cleaned up and ash tray hidden from view. Yes, he knew of her smoking habit but he didn’t need to know that she did it every day, only when she got his permission.

Tonight though, she had no idea why she went and got drunk and high when she clearly knew he was coming. First step was to sober up. After her best friend found her misplaced key and she – Stacey- attempted to eat something and filled up on water(it was time to start the de-tox), first thing she did was to get herself to throw up with her best friend holding up her hair just like in the movies.

6 times seemed to do it, then take a bath while her loyal friend cleaned up after her -she so owed her a huge solid for this- then have a smoke and squeeze lemon in her ear. There, worked like a charm. No more staggering, no more red eyes. By the time Eugene came over she would be as wide eyed and alert as a secretary on her first day on the job.

This guy was practically her messiah, junior partner at one of the biggest law firms in the country, Harvard graduate, google-able, all by age 30. He was the one, he had to be the one. She even had a 5 step process to getting him to pop the question.

At 21, it was about time she got serious and found a suitable man to marry her if she was going to meet her older sister’s set bar of finding a husband of substance by age 23.

Don’t you judge her though. Stacey had had it tough these past few years. Being cheated on by virtually every boyfriend she has had, having some of her closest friends steal some of her most promising suitors, failing her exams last semester all because she beat up an ex’s new girlfriend in the bathroom – bitch had it coming for months, going around spreading rumours about her, forbidding Trevor from communicating with her when she is the one that shamelessly seduced and stole him from her, it was bad enough that she was getting all the lunches, gifts, shopping sprees and weekend trips now but she was not going to take away Stacey’s right to talk to whomever she wanted, especially since she was just trying to set him up with a business connection.

As Stacey dressed up her mind went back to that April day when she, like a good friend who held no grudges, called Trevor up, for some reason she could not get through, kept getting something about his number not being valid or something, which was impossible as she had just talked to him the night before. Then she remembered that he had a business mobile line, granted he asked her to not call him on it since it was for business but this was business. She called and a girl picked up, she guessed that this was Vivian, she had never met her personally but she had seen her from a distance and heard reports of her.

“Where’s Trevor?”

Stacey heard herself asking.

“Who wants to know?” came the reply.

“Listen, I don’t have time for this, just tell him Stacey is on the line for him, it’s important.

Stacey as in his ex?


What is this regarding?

What are you? His fucking secretary? Just tell him I need to talk to him, it doesn’t concern you.

Hold up! Did you just cuss at me?

Yes I did Vivian, I fucking did, what you gone do about it, huh?”

The line cut.

Stacey did not plan for it but the anger and bitterness that she thought was gone after 5 months came flooding back, creating a painful lump in her throat, she had to do something. She immediately went to his “in-valid” number and fired off the most nasty message she could, at the essence of it she told Trevor she had a business connection for him and was just trying to be a real friend and told him to watch his whore cause she was going to get cut if she tried back sassing her again. As a sweet ending to the message, she advised him to grow a pair and tell her to her face that she wasn’t welcome to call him instead of cowardly blacklisting her number.

How was she to know that Vivian had both Trevor’s phones that day? Why would she even have them in the first place? Stacey, high on triumph went to her best friend Chali’s room, recounted the story and they laughed about it, she went back to her own room and decided to take a long luxurious bubble bath with music playing in the background, if she had just waited 2 more minutes before going to the bathroom, she would have heard her phone ring 4 times, all calls from an alarmed Trevor. Coming out of the bath the first sight she saw was Vivian right outside her bathroom door.

“Bitch get out my room” was the first thing she said, so shocked to see Vivian that it did not register that Trevor was behind her.

Stacey felt a sharp pressure on her face and the sting that came after the shock of the realisation that she had just been slapped threw her into violent retaliation. She slapped back and immediately grabbed Vivian’s weave, pulling out one of her hoop earrings in the process, Stacey dragged Vivian into her bathroom, forced her to the floor and used her head to mop up the water. It felt like slow motion but in reality it happened so fast. She felt hands come between them, she slapped them aside. Blinded by the desire to drag Vivian to her tub and drown her, had she been of bigger build or had more time she may have just done that. But Trevor pulled her off his girlfriend and held her back. Only when her roommate covered a profanity screaming Stacey with a towel did she realise that she was naked, she didn’t care.

It took almost an hour for Stacey to realise that she had been hurt too, she had minor bruises on her face and aches that she only felt the next morning, it was worth it though.

Stacey had no idea what strings her father pulled to keep her from losing her room at college and getting expelled, it helped that the man was a lawyer renowned for being ruthless and that Stacey was followed all the way to school. Plus Vivian and Trevor technically broke into her room and drew first blood, all these were factors that played in her favour.

But that was last semester. Stacey was a different girl now. She had her shit together and had bagged a good man. She still cringed when she thought of that incident, much worse when someone brought it up but hey, it wasn’t her fault, it was self defence . She heard a knock at the door, sprayed Paco Rabbane’s Lady Million on her wrists, neck and thighs then glanced at the silver and diamond engagement ring Trevor had given her on this exact day last November, with her face conveying no expression she picked it up and slid it to the back of her drawer. She walked out smiling brightly to meet Eugene for their date. Wide eyed and alert as a secretary on her first day on the job.


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