Lets talk oils

I want long, thick, healthy hair. I’m not
ashamed to announce that. My current
goal is to get her to be thick and bouncy first.

She is growing, there is no denying
that but I’d love for her to be thicker.
I have been wondering if it is a gene
thing, I have noticed that people with the thickest hair also have thick eyebrows, mine aren’t so thick – I want to blame that on my having gone about shaping my brows the wrong way, I have stopped shaping them altogether in my quest for thickness.

My weapon of choice on this
quest is an oil mix.
On my brows, I try to oil them every night.
– I am not the most disciplined of people, I’ll admit but I do my best.
I oil my scalp once or twice a week.
Contents of the oil mix and individual oil benefits below:

1 part Castor Oil: – Contains a high
amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids
which makes it ideal for locking in
moisture, this also makes hair soft
because of the locked in moisture. Adds lustre and shine to hair and helps reduce frizz. It is also said to encourage thicker hair growth.

1 part Olive Oil (Extra Virgin): – Loaded
with antioxidants which promote hair
and skin health. Helps to naturally
condition hair and improves blood
circulation. It has antibacterial and
anti-fungal properties that fight off
common scalp and hair problems.

1 part Avocado Oil: – High content of
saturated and monosaturated fats that
easily penetrate the hair cuticle, this
provides support to and strengthens the hair. It also helps retain moisture inside the cuticle, it is easily absorbed by the scalp since it is a light oil. And it helps nourish & protect the hair from damage while stimulating hair growth and unclogging blocked hair follicles. Plus it has omega-3 fatty acids which provide protection from harmful UV rays.

1 part Jojoba Oil: – This is the only oil
whose molecular structure is similar to
natural sebum that our bodies produce, hence it is readily accepted by the scalp and does not disturb the scalp’s natural balance. Adds volume to hair strands thereby giving an appearance of thickness, it fills in the cracks on the surface of the hair cuticle.

5 tablets Vitamin E oil: – Improves hair
growth, prevents hair loss, prevents split ends and helps to heal heat damaged hair. Create an insition on the capsule and drain oil out.
I just pour them into an old wine bottle
and mix. Of course I try to keep the parts equal by putting them in an applicator bottle first.

I believe the individual benefits all come together to a wonderful harmony that is one of my weapons in my quest for healthy thick long hair domination.
I have been using this oil mix for about a year now.

I use it to oil my scalp – which I do once or twice a week, to seal in moisure after washing or moisurising my hair. For hot oil treatment – I do those once a month and scalp massages. I use it on my body as well, sometimes.

Before I started my healthy natural hair
journey a year and 3 months agi, I used to use hair grease -pomades mostly containing mineral oil and petrolatum, I stopped using grease because of petroleum’s tendency to coat the hair and scalp so heavily that it blocks moisture from getting in once it is applied.

This makes it hard for the scalp to
breathe and absorb natural moisture. I
had been using grease since forever and my hair never grew past my neck, of course other unhealthy hair practices contributed to that as well but I wanted to try something different and more natural. I do not miss the greasy feeling at all.

Since my healthy natural hair journey
begun, I have noticed thicker growth
especially on my edges, which I nearly
lost 2 years ago due to wearing tight
hairstyles. I have noticed a lot of thickness in the past 3 or 4 months, especially after incorporating more scalp massages. I may not be naturally thick haired but I have seen a lot of improvement and I am certainly going to keep at it with the oil mix, for general hair health if nothing else.

Till next week for more on Charlene and I’s relationship.

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