14 Months later

One year 2 months! Yay! It was my healthy hair anniversary two months ago but unfortunately, more pressing matters-mostly my own failure to tame my laziness- got in the way of proper celebration.

So how am I doing for 14 months? AWESOME! Charlene’s health, shine and length have improved. I can honestly say this is the longest my hair has been and I am HAPPY! Length check post coming soon. Can’t wait for 2 year hairversary.

In the past 3 months my hair care regimen has changed a bit, as I have incorporated more protective styling – I have a post on that – also borrowing some secrets from the people known to have the longest, thickest, most sought after hair, my indian peoples.

From my indian sisters I’ve learned the importance of scalp TLC via regular scalp massages preferably with an oil, I am so in love with organic, cold pressed coconut oil right now- that delicious biscuity smell(I use coconut oil by Crede)- the way it makes my hair feel AND it has minimised dandruff and acne breakouts- I use it as a skin moisturiser too.

Now if you’ve known me from my teen years, you know a had a bit of an acne situation going on. If you don’t know me from then, let me just tell you IT WAS AWFUL, got so bad that I wouldn’t look in the mirror for years. NOTHING I tried would work, except for maybe this pure lemon juice toner I started using but my teenage-at the time- older brother in all his wisdom, discouraged me from using lemons, claiming I’d get some sort of horrible skin mutation. To all impressionable 12-13 year olds out there, I assure you, using lemon as a skin toner will not give you a horrible skin mutation. Hmm, I think I should do a post on this, where I go more in depth with my battle against the evil that is teenage and adult acne.

But since this is a hair post, let’s get back to that. I massage my scalp with a small amount of oil-you can use any type of oil, olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, etc- 3-4 times a week, after applying some moisture to my hair that is, but not too much moisture, just enough to get the hair a little damp. You want to do this because oils are meant to seal in moisture in the hair, that doesn’t work out so nice if there isn’t moisture and remember, black people’s hair-while in its natural state- tends to be dryer than people other races’ hair. I also have a post all about the importance of moisture. Gently and lovingly massage scalp for 3-4 minutes, then spread a little oil to the rest of the length of the hair. Braid or twist it up, if it is not in a protective style.

Another tip I borrowed from my indian sisters is I have also incorporated the use of amla powder as a conditioning agent. I have many deep conditioner recipes that I rotate depending on how my hair feels and my general mood, I do moisture based conditioning treatments more than protein based ones-i do protein treatments once every 4-6 weeks.

To use amla powder I add 2 tablespoons of it to half a cup of conditioner and apply. Now u can use plain water, just be sure the paste is thick because this paste is REALLY MESSY, you don’t what it spilling everywhere, that said apply the paste in your bathroom and wear a shirt that you don’t mind messing up, preferably not a white one. Amla powder washes off but its a pain to get it out of white cloths, trust me, I had to soak my beloved towel in bleach for hours to get it out. I’ll talk more on the benefits of amla in a post soon.

I have also tried using african black soap instead of shampoo and let me tell you! My hair felt AMAZING! I am still using my shampoo but not as often.

And last but not least, I do more hot oil treatments. These treatments are great for bringing one’s hair back to health and for general hair health anyway, not just for black people’s hair but with my research I have found that ladies with breath-takingly long, thick and healthy hair do a lot of oil treatments.

A hot oil treatment is done by warming your favourite oil or oil mixture, saturating your hair in the goodness of it, making sure to massage the scalp while twisting or bunning the hair up, covering hair with a plastic cap or bag and leaving the oil to do its work on the hair for anywhere from 30 minutes to even overnight if you prefer. Then wash the oil out with either shampoo or cleansing conditioner.

Ok, I feel this is information overload for now. I promise to keep the flow more consistent, unless something major- by that I mean some sort of zombie apocalypse- gets in the way.

Till next time!

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