Rainy Summer Days

The dark heavy clouds begin the tryst,
Vision delightfully blurred by mist,
The drops they dribble they fall beauty at best,
From south to north, west to east,

The smell of the earth,
A straight connection to nature,
A whiff gives rise to hope of new birth,
A wonder science deems fit to name Petrichor,

The sound then sets my heart aflutter,
The mystery behind the thunder,
A thousand drops they pitter-patter
All the more awaken my wonder,

The taste metallic and cold as it touches tongue tip,
Gives rise to that sense of discovery,
As if in slow motion falling to hit the lip,
Eyes closed mouth open like when this signified victory,

  • The feel of cold drops on the skin,
    Childhood memories of life without sin,
    Without a care of what it all mean,
    A sense of smallness arises in us from which life could not wean.

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