Girls, girls, girls- Part 4

Kangwa’s Tale

Hey you guys, I’ve got to tell you about my uncle’s wedding last saturday, Kangwa said as she moved to the edge of the basketball courtyard bench.

Oh, yea, Uncle Chanda was marrying last week, asked Selena.

Yea, said Kangwa, it was amazing you guys. That is what i call a true W-E-D-D-I-N-G, hmm! From the venue, the decor, the Bride’s gown, or should I say ‘dresses, she changed twice. For the church service she wore a beautiful white, sleeveless princess gown with crystals on the bodice and for the reception she changed into a gorgeous evening gown inspired white silk dress.
She looked so beautiful, the hair, makeup. Everything was on point. And to top it off, she danced, I’m telling you, all eyes were on her and the groom looked sooo proud.

Must have been something, ei, said Veronica.

You! Everything from the church, the reception, the cake, the bridal party, it was perfection, Kangwa enthused. Mwandi, that’s what a wedding should be like, i want to have a wedding like that. I just have to do my wedding like that. My dress will be perfect, in fact, I think I’ll change twice also. It is going to be big, as in HUGE, the whole of Zambia has to know about it.

Mmmh, ba Kangwa, relax, said an amused Fey.

Iwe, said Kangwa, I am a princess, I have treated and kept myself as such and that’s what i have to feel like on my wedding day. I’ve kept myself mwandi, untouched, I haven’t even been kissed before, hmm, now how many 22 year olds can actually say that?

My husband will be the first and last man to kiss and do everything with me. Elo, I’m going to dance. I’ve never understood why most brides in this country don’t dance at their own weddings, ai, they just sit there at the high table and watch everyone else dancing. I mean, its ridiculous, its your wedding, its supposed to be the happiest day of your life. Let them wait and see, ine I’ll show them how its supposed to be done.

Well ok, said Selena.

Also, I want all eyes on me, its my big day after all, why should i let the bridesmaids have all the fun? I’ll make sure that i really sparkle. Iye! Is that Mr Miti? I haven’t handed in my report and its only an hour till class, I have to go get it and give it to him before then, that’s pushing it I know but its still before set deadline. See ya later girls. V, I’ll come to your room later.

Elo! Veronica said once Kangwa was out of sight.

Can you believe her, gasped Selena. She really needs to come down from her high horse. Just because we aren’t virgins doesn’t mean we aren’t as ‘special’ as she. Besides, Fey is a virgin too and I’ve never heard her talk like that.

But i have been kissed and ‘touched’ before so i guess that disqualifies me, said Fey.

Yea, fine, its great that she is saving herself for marriage, but all that ranting was uncalled for. She didn’t have to rub it in our faces like that, that was really unfair, she is so conceited, cried Selena.

Yea, she needs to drop the whole holier than thou attitude, so she is sexually pure, but she has faults like the rest of us, said Veronica.

You know, I don’t know for certain that I’ll remain a virgin till my wedding night, of course, that would be ideal, but i don’t know for certain, so I can’t brag, all I can do is pray for the strength and will to wait.

Pay no mind to her you guys, said Veronica, what’s done is done. If it makes her feel better doing this, let her have it. You can’t let every little thing get to you.

My, said Fey. Veronica, is that you?

Veronica giggled and then stared into space.


A week later.

So…..when did you find out, said Selena.

This morning, sobbed Veronica. I should have gone and taken the test earlier but I though if I just ignored it, it wouldn’t be true.

Weren’t you using protection?

I was on the pill but it was making me fat, so we just switched to condoms.

Have you told him, asked Kangwa.

Owen? No, not yet. I’m sure he is going to be thrilled though, he has been asking me to be his second wife for months now, or to at least bear him the son that he so much wants. You know, I think he got me pregnant on purpose, he must have tampered with the rubbers, or maybe he wasn’t even wearing one, that bastard. Yea, I think that’s what happened, because, you know he only has daughters with his wife, and after her last difficult pregnancy, the one that almost killed her, they decided five girls was enough and they would stop trying for a boy.
But the way Owen would pester me on the subject, he was always like “when are you giving me a son babe, i want a son sweetie. As if I can choose a child’s sex.

At least there is a high chance he will own up. He probably will marry you, said Fey.

But I don’t want to marry him, said Veronica. He is so old and ugly and disgusting. Selena embraced her friend when she broke down crying, she tried to think of encouraging words but could think of nothing.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this, said Veronica as Selena rocked her in her arms as one would to comfort a child. This isn’t at all how i planned. I was supposed to study and get my degree, bag that glam job and dump the disgusting old man. But no with this pregnancy…I’m tied to him forever, now he is really never going to let me go. But I can’t marry him you guys, I can’t go into polygamy.

I hate to bring this up now but have you done the other test, asked Kangwa.

Yes, I did that after the pregnancy test, it was negative, that God. I also test for all the STIs i could think of. All results but one were good.

That’s good, said Kangwa but have you told Owen that you don’t want to marry him?

Of course I have but he just won’t listen. And he won’t understand why I would refuse him now when I should be thrilled that he acknowledges and takes responsibility, if he acknowledges that is.

I told you how he wanted to come home a few months ago to be charged bride price so we could legally, or traditionally rather, be considered man and wife.

Under local court its pretty legal to have more than one wife- Fey stopped talking when Selena and Kangwa gave her disapproving looks.

I can’t do that, said Veronica, its bad enough that I was sleeping with him. I don’t want to be married to a man 25 years older than me, its gross. At 46, he is even older than my own father would have been were he still alive. Oh God…I was so close, so close. What happens now? Veronica covered her eyes with her hands and tried to take a deep breath. I am going to get rid of it, she said with sudden resolve.

What? No my love, you can’t do that, pleaded Selena.

I can’t let one stupid thing ruin my life forever, I can not disappoint my mother like this, she is so proud of me, I am going to be her university graduate.

Mummy, said Kangwa, this child is innocent, yes you have messed up but you aren’t the first girl to fall pregnant ot of wedlock or by a married man, are you sure you could live with yourself afterwards, you can’t right one wrong with a bigger wrong.

I am so scared, sobbed Veronica.
We know sweetie, said Fey. But it is just a baby, its not like you will birth an elephant or something. The girls laughed at this. It is a huge responsibility, I know but the world is not going to come to an end because of this. Nine months from now you will think your world has never been better. I can’t tell you how many women testify to this.

For moral reasons, I have never liked Owen but even I have to admit that he is a responsible man who takes phenomenal care of his wife and daughters, through all this he has never neglected them, teh all his kids go to the best schools. He will take care of you and his child, I think even if you won’t marry him, he can’t abandon his child, he is proud like that.

Yea, said Selena, your mom will be disappointed quite alright but she will get over it, and no one says you won’t finish school.

Thanks for you guys, thank you for not saying it serves me right, I don’t think I could have handled that. You are going to stay friend with me, right, you don’t think I’m a bad influence and that I give you guys a bad name, do you?
Are you serious? Of course not, said Fey. We are always going to be there for you.

Yup, added Kangwa, you are stuck with us forever, for better or for worse.
And I only had three more semesters before I got my degree, at least I know there is a high chance Owen will keep paying my tuition, he has always stressed the importance of getting an education, always supported my academic endeavours.

You see, said Selena, so its not as bleak a situation as you thought, it will work out. Just a detour is all this is, you’ll still get to your destination.

I guess, Veronica sighed as she sat up, I have a difficult call to make.

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