Girls, girls, girls- Part 3

Selena’s Tale

On the school lawn a few days later.

The heat! I can barely think. Mr Miti had just had to ‘volunteer’ me to present the opposing argument in next week’s mock trial presentation. I’m not good with public speaking, yea I know, I’m studying to be a lawyer but that’s Dad’s fault, I get stage fright. And he won’t let me pass on the presentation to someone else, even after I promised to do all the research. That man is determined to make my life difficult.

Fey, said Kangwa, school was designed for that very purpose, the sooner you come to accept it, the happier you’ll be. What is Selena still doing talking to that guy? Lunch break doesn’t last forever, before we know it, it’s going to be time for my class.

Is that Nelson she is talking to, asked Fey.
Yup, said Veronica, she has been standing there with him for ages. You’d think she might want to tone it down a notch. Does she have to throw herself at every guy she meets? I mean, look at that, look at what she is doing with her hair.

That girl can get any guy she wants, she has mastered the art of flirtation to perfection, I don’t see any guy being able to resist that, said Fey.

I think she feels herself just a tad too much, said Veronica. Should we all suffer just because she is mixed race and looks exotic? Besides, it is just because of her light skin tone, green eyes and long dark hair that she gets so much attention from the guys.
And that she kinda looks like a middle-eastern Scarlet Johansson is an added advantage, said Fey. Scarlet or no Scarlet, she is being too easy, said Veronica. Do you think any guy actually take her seriously? They are just out to use her.

Yea, said Fey, she does have a reputation as a serial flirt but I guess that is what happens when one has been praised for their beauty their whole life, she knows no different, you know what they say, if you got it, flaunt it.
Mmmm, this is too much, how many guys has she dated this year alone? She has a serious problem that one, said Kangwa.
Change the subject, here she comes, said Fey in singsong. It’s about time you came over, said Fey to Selena, we were starting to feel neglected.

Aw, I’m sorry, Nelson was just asking how I’m doing, said Selena.

For nearly twenty minutes, said Fey. Out with it, what were you really talking about?
Oh, ok. He wanted to know if we could have lunch together soon.


Well, I said sure, why not, we are friends after all and I would like to get to know him better…

And you know what, I’m only just now starting to see how hot Nelson is.
There it is! Ladies and gentlemen, Selena Khan Strikes again, said Fey laughing. The other two girls were staring at Selena in amazement.

But, tell me Selena, said Veronica, hasn’t it only been two weeks since you broke up with Jesse? Is it wise for you to start dating so soon.

You know what, said Selena, life is too short to spend dwelling on what was, I’ll always care about Jesse, but it is over between us and frankly, I am quite happy with that, I’d much rather get busy living.

Honey, said Fey, that is the same thing you’ve said about the-counts using her fingers-six other guys you’ve dumped thispassed year and a half. Yea, well, said Selena, I am a free spirit; I hate the feeling of confinement.

Sweetie, you dump guys the moment the infatuation phase wears off, don’t you see anything wrong with that, said Kangwa.
Ok, you guys need to chill out. It’s no big deal, I’ll get into a serious long term relationship when the right guy comes along, since he hasn’t yet, I am going to enjoy making as many friends as I can. Now, let us focus on what is really important, Selena said as she grabbed her hand bag and got out a wrapped present. Veronica love, happy birthday we got you this.

Aww, thanks you guys, you have no idea how much this means to me, that you guys would spend my 21st B-day with me, that’s the real gift, said Veronica sincerely.

Oh sure honey, just make sure you get me a gift and cake on my 21st, said Fey, smiling. And on mine too, said Selena. Of course you guys, you know I will. Ok, now let’s sing happy birthday, it’s been a while since I had cake, said Kangwa.


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