Girls, Girls, Girls Part 2

Veronica’s tale

Later that day Selena visited Kangwa and Fey in their shared room.

How were the movies? Asked Selena.
Amazing, said, Fey, we had loads of fun. After the movie we went on a junk food eating spree, my tummy hurt so bad after the pizza and ice-cream combo. David is addicted to ice-cream, he didn’t even care that it was getting cold out.

Then we went to the park and watched and laughed at the people we saw, some were walking super seriously, others were talking to themselves and don’t even get me started on the teenage boys.

Awww, the thrills of love, said Kangwa, though the sarcasm in her tone went unnoticed by Fey who was staring into space with a silly smile on her face.

Then suddenly, as if jolted out of a trance, she asked, “where is Veronica ai? I went to her room when I got back and it was locked.

Oh, her walking atm picked her up about two hours ago to go out on a diner date.

Mmmh, shine! So which car did he come parading in this time, the Black Hilux, asked Fey while lying back on her bed. No, it was the white BMW this time, said, Kangwa smiling. And man oh man was V dressed to murder!

He called her while we were having lunch and told her that he just flew in from that business trip in Canada last night and wanted to spend some time with her.

Immediately after lunch, V went shopping and spared no expense!
Well, said Selena, it is that man who coughs up the cash for it, she is using his gold card. Besides, we all know Veronica, when she chooses to get all dolled up, expect a standstill.

She wore this beautiful, flowing orange dress that showed off her curves perfectly, then there was the blinged out shoes and clutch purse, added Selena. And speaking of bling, the earrings and necklace were Cartier, and her hair… She went all out, that’s all I’m saying.
Uko! I wish I’d been there to see her, said Fey.

She looked like a million bucks, a total knockout, said Kangwa. And sponsor certainly looked pleased.
That’s Veronica for you, said Fey, always has to outshine everyone.
Yea, did you see those gladiators she was wearing this afternoon, added Kangwa.

And the bag, said Selena, as she flipped through the pages of a magazine, its FENDI, she tells me. She really looked good, in fact, it’s like she made sure to look better than us all. I hate the way she is always showing off the things that man buys her, she really over-does it sometimes.

Yea, agreed Kangwa, every three months, new phone. Speaking of which, see the new upgrade?
Of course, she made sure we all got a peak at it. I wonder why she feels she has to show off so much. Said Fey.

That one is easy, said Kangwa. Insecurity. She feels that she will be accepted by people if she has all these things. I mean, someone would have to have really low self-esteem to have an affair with an old, fat, pot-bellied, ugly, rich, married man just so she can have a self-contained room on campus and designer gear.

And she has actually deluded herself into believing that she has this all figured out. Like it’s all just a harmless game, said Selena. She thinks she is just going to use him, have him pay her tuition, boarding fees and high maintenance fashionista lifestyle and when she is done with her degree, she’ll get a job and leave him for a better model.

She thinks she can just walk away from this unscathed, but that’s not how life works, she is going to have to pay her dues sooner or later.
Yea, and you know, the sad thing is that she knows that this is wrong but she does it anyway, yes, I get that her father is dead and her mother can’t afford to send her to school with what she earns as a house-maid but at least she has an uncle who made a sacrifice and took her to university, even though he can’t afford to give her the type of lifestyle she obviously wants, it’s not like she is destitute.

I don’t care how strong she thinks she is, she is not going to be able to handle the repercussions of her actions, said Kangwa. There is no way that man would let her go just like that. He wants to marry her, for crying out loud! And his poor wife…
Do you think his wife suspects, asked Selena.

YEA!!! Said Fey and Kangwa in unison.

There is no way he can propose marriage without consulting his wife first, not when one is as traditionally rooted as his man is. He even wanted to meet Veronica’s parents to discuss lobola, said Kangwa.

Then V went and threw a world class tantrum till he let it go. V definitely has drama that girl, said Fey, laughing. So, let her look nice physically, but where it really counts, she is a mess.


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