Fey’s tale

Veronica dropped her assignment paper as she tried to stuff it in her bag while running to meet her friends, who were waiting for her outside her lecture hall.

“Would you hurry up please”, said Selena impatiently, “we wouldn’t want to keep our mlamu waiting. He is here already, right Fey?” Yea, he is, answered Fey shyly.
Ok, ok, I’m here. Let’s go meet mister MAN!!!.

Oh, come on you guys, pleaded Fey.
Ok, we promise not to embarrass you, too much, said Kangwa, giggling.
Fey smiled nervously as she led her friends to meet her boyfriend.

And here he is, hi babe, said Fey as she hugged her boyfriend.

My God, he is GORGEOUS, thought Veronica, gaping.

I hope we didn’t keep you waiting long, said Fey. No, it alright mami, wow, you look good in a dress, said, her boyfriend. To which Fey smiled shyly, you’re too sweet she said. So, here they are, my girls, Veronica, Kangwa and Selena. I’ve known Veronica since forever practically, Selena is my classmate and Kangwa is my room mate. And girls, this is David, my boo.

Hi David, said the girls simultaneously, Hi ladies, it’s great to finally meet you after hearing about you every day since I’ve known Fey, and I am being literal, said, David, with a smile. All good things I hope, said Selena. Of course, of course, Fey had only good things to say about you. That’s good to know, said Selena, wondering how her friend got so lucky.

So, said Veronica when she finally found her voice, Fey tells us that you studying medicine?
Yes I am, in my fourth year now, said David.
Awww, Doctor and lawyer, powerful combo, said Kangwa. David and fey exchanged proud glances. Well, said Fey, we have to get going if we are going to make it in time for the 2:00 movies. Yea, we do, agreed David. I’ll see you girls later said Fey while hugging her friend’s one at a time.

Ok sweetie, said Kangwa, see ya. It’s been great meeting you David. Likewise, said David smiling.

The girls stood, transfixed as they watched David hold their friend by the waist and lead her to his car.

OH-MY-GOD, said Selena once they couple were out of sight. Did y’all see how FIIINE that guy is?!

I KNOW, RIGHT?! Said Kangwa. How did she do it? Where do you find a guy like that in this country? I swear I couldn’t breathe when he looked at me, and when he smiled, dear Lord have mercy. I was so weak in the knees that it took everything in me to keep from not collapsing. Hey! Nachepa!

And that accent, said Veronica, proper! But seriously y’all, how did she do it? I mean yes, she is kinda cute but that guy is way out of her league, no hate, just honest opinion. I mean, no woman in her right mind would even dream about dating such a good looking guy, like, does she really believe she is there alone?

If she does then I feel sorry for her, they are never going to last, she has aimed way too high, she is only going to get her heart broken.

Yea, agreed Kangwa, and he is studying to be a Doctor, Doctors are never faithful, they are just way too much in demand. And he works part time at the clinic, drives and has his own apartment. What was she thinking? She is not going to manage the competition. She will literally have to fight off the whole of Zambia for him.

Well you never know, said Selena, it just might work out between them, David seems like a decent, hardworking Christian man, they have been dating for three months and he hasn’t pressured her into doing anything she isn’t comfortable doing, or so she tells us and they looked so smitten with each other.

Iye! Cried Veronica, Ba Selena are you new to the game? A man will pretend. I’m telling you, handsome men are no good, she is going to be miserable with him. She is not going to know peace. I can bet you anything that girls are throwing themselves at him left, right and center.

Wow, I’m even hungry now, let’s go grab some lunch, I feel like eating a burger.


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