It was still as amazing as I remembered, the huge trees, the mysterious flowers, the streams; the waterfalls, they were all still there.

The nice people, there was five of them, took me deeper into Inordia. They flew and I walked until we got to a huge dirt road, the land here was bare, nothing but dust, the sky was orange, just like it looks at sunset, it was breathtakingly beautiful.

I was still admiring the strange beauty of this place when I heard something, it sounded like the wings of a huge bird flapping, so I looked up and beheld a startling sight. I can’t say for sure what that creature was but it had a human face and body, and the wings of a large bat, it was even bigger than I was, he looked right at me for a long time, it was as if he could see right through me, his face held no expression. He then flew right above my head and disappeared into the sky, I wondered what it must be like to have wings and fly.

The nice people interrupted my train of thought and told me that we had to go before it got dark. As we walked along the huge dirt road, we came by some abandoned old houses. I was about to ask who they belonged to when I heard singing and laughing in the distance. We are almost there, said the nice people. We walked for a while before we got to the forest and in the middle of it was a house that reminded me of a cabin in the woods, only it was made of glass.

I was a little scared of going in at first but the nice people took me by the hand and led me in. It was empty but for a small grey stool in the middle of the room. They asked me to sit.

When I sat, they formed a circle around me, held hands and started moving, no flowing, that’s the best way to describe it, flowing around me. First clockwise, then anti clockwise, over and over again, they were so graceful. There was no longer any sun outside; it had suddenly become very cloudy, dark grey everywhere. As I sat there watching them, I felt lost in their moment, I could not take my eyes off of them.

Then, they suddenly stopped, all five of them simultaneously looked up at the transparent roof, I looked up as well and saw it, a huge white sea gull-like bird, it was almost as big as the house, it flew up above us, then four more followed. They were so pretty. The festivities have officially begun, declared the nice people, we must go outside.

I had to run to keep up with them. I could hear laughter from somewhere and as I ran, it got louder.

We found more people, they looked like the nice ones, about thirty five of them bursting in song and dance. The nice people I came with joined the others and started doing the same graceful, fluid-like dance they had performed for me earlier.

They made five circles and were in groups of eight, they danced and danced and danced. I was spellbound for a while, then I joined them, skipping and spinning round and round, I was so happy.

Then I heard a shrill cry, everyone stopped dancing. “They are here, the others know that she has returned” said somebody.

Panic followed, I was pushed and shoved and I fell. One of the nice people helped me up, Tenna was her name, she told me that I had to go into the city hall, there I would be safe. But I don’t know where it is, I told her and she said to follow her.

So I ran, and ran, trying not to lose sight of Tenna, she led me into a huge building and told me to get in, I struggled to get the door open, there was a key in the keypad, I turned it and I was able to open the door.

Like in the glass house, there was nothing but a single stool in there, right in the middle of the room.

Tenna instructed me to sit, be still and do not make a sound, I did as she told me. Then the door opened and the others entered, about six of them, they glared at Tenna, and instantly, she shrunk back in terror. The others then made a circle around someone that I could not clearly see.

Two of the ones leading stepped aside and I saw who was in the middle, he was one of the others, he must have been very elderly because he was so thin and small, grey and shrivelled. He walked very slowly.

He had huge, round, clear maroon eyes, they were so pretty, his eyes. I couldn’t stop looking at and admiring his eyes even as he walked toward me.

He held my gaze. I could hear my heart beating loudly in my ears from fright as he got closer, but I took Tenna’s advice and did not move a muscle. He held out his thin arms and placed bony fingers on the sides of my head.

He looked straight into my eyes and I felt every muscle in my body weaken, I couldn’t do anything. “You have indeed been missed”, he said with a hoarse voice.
I felt myself standing up but I could not blink or take my eyes off of his. When I stood, he tilted my head back gently so that I could see the roof.

It was strange; the roof seemed to be fading, becoming transparent, until I could completely see through it. The clouds had a sort of twilight glow about them, sort of yellowish and pink as they floated away through the now orange sky.

Then I saw something else in the sky, it was a house, a magnificent house, floating with some sort of propellers beneath it. Another followed it, and another and another, they were incredible. Flying houses, I thought, now people would really have something to fuss over if I told them.

When the he loosened his grip on my head, I saw that, like the roof, the walls of the city hall had disappeared, there was just the floor and I soon realised that the floor was floating too. I felt weird, down there, so I touched myself to check and when I drew my hand back, I saw blood.

“Natasha? Oh, my God Natasha, are you alright?” I saw the scared look in my mother’s eyes that I’d gotten so familiar with over the years. “What are you doing out here at this hour?” she asked. Mom, I said, “it’s Inordia, isn’t it? wonderful!” I looked around to show her, then I realised that Inordia had disappeared, in its place was our front yard and I was standing in the lawn with my blood dripping onto the grass. It was so dark and cold.

After that, my mother got me a stronger dosage of medication, it tastes foul and makes me feel like being sick sometimes but I haven’t seen Inordia or any of the people from there in the past four years that I have been on the medication, I don’t have to take them as regularly these days just once a week but it is still dreadful, and as far as my mother, the doctors and everyone else is concerned, it is worth having these side effects to be rid of Inordia.

I do miss it, and I would like to go back there again but it has been drummed into me so much and for so long that it isn’t real.

That it is just fantasy, but they are wrong, Inordia is as real as any other place there is, I have been there and I have spent most of my life with people who are from there.


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