About me

Hair, Pictures, well being, career, ambition, love, family, travel and balance- not in that order- pretty much sums up what I am about.

But if you want more detail; I am an avid reader, writer and cartoon fan. Love all animals but scared of dogs, reptiles, frogs, chickens-and turkeys- and insects. Yeah I know I basically just listed the entire animal kingdom but I’m cool with everything elseā€¦ I think. OOH , I LOVE CATS!!

I have worked as a Multi media producer at a production as administrative assistant, traffic manager and assistant media buyer at an advertising agency, Client services person at another Ad agency and currently doing a marketing and communications internship at an HR consultancy firm.

Here you will find little pieces of me through my writing and trying to arrange for short films too because film making is a passion of mine.


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